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Le Déluge

© Paul Kinsella
Two-part project
Pete Casby
Curated by Ríonach Ní Néill
Suitable for:
All ages


Everyone loves a good water fight… don’t they!? Indeed, what makes a good water fight? Is it the soaking or the getting soaked? Which is more satisfying …the delivery of a deluge from a bucket full to the brim or expertly executing a close-quarter splash to the face? This is a two-part project. We are inviting children and parents to design and build their own weaponry of water war, and then join us to mark the end of summer with an epic water battle royale and games on the beach.

Follow artist Pete Casby’s online videos, where he teaches you how to make your own super soakers using waste and materials that are easily to hand. You can follow the instructions exactly or use them as inspiration to manufacture your own hydro-ballistic weapon. The idea is to repurpose waste and only use materials that are to hand in order to make your water-war weaponry or machinery. You might have some old pipes lying around, a bicycle pump you don’t use or a bucket you can visualise as a high capacity component of some yet-to-be-built hydro-ballistic weapon. Bear in mind are that water should not be wasted, collect rain-water as much as possible. How far can your invention project water, and how accurately?

Share a video of your creation in use, tagging #LeDéluge2020 #HopeitRains2020 #Galway2020. We will comment on and reward the best efforts, and announce prize-winners regularly on FB/Instagram/Twitter.

On Sunday 23 August, we invite you to put your hydro-ballistic inventions through their paces in an epic beach challenge.

Bring the designs you’ve already made with you. Join Pete in an outdoor 1-hour maker session to build your own puddle sucker or water blaster. Book your social pod/bubble in as a team to undertake the challenge led by with the Captain of Coordinated Chaos. A willingness to get wet and a determination to get everyone else wetter are essential qualities for participation in Le Déluge. You have been warned!

DIY Guides:


Free to book at

Location: Galway city beach (directions on booking)