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Drowned Galway

© Joe Lee
Photomontages by Joe Lee; designs by Sohail Salem, Emily Ní Bhroin, Deirdre Kennedy, Jeni Roddy, Arran Murphy; directed by Ríonach Ní Néill.
Curated by Jeni Roddy and Ríonach Ní Néill
in Partnership with: Galway Theatre Festival
Suitable for:
All ages
Thanks to:
Galway Atlantaquaria, Burgerstory; Neil & Bríd Armstrong, Blackrock Babes, Gliondar Athenry Community Arts Group, Brendan Speedy Smith
18.08.2020 - 31.03.2021
Galway City


Stuck in city traffic? Turn your head and you may find yourself immersed in a near-future Galway. City walls become backdrops for photo-montages by Joe Lee visualising life in an inundated city, when yet another abnormal has become commonplace.

Set against familiar Galway views utterly changed by sea-level rising and floods, they feature designs by Irish and Palestinian artists. Sohail Salem, Emily Ní Bhroin, Deirdre Kennedy, Jeni Roddy and Arran Murphy imagine how we might cope with this enormous and imminent change. How close does the future have to come before we care enough to act? Can we walk on water?