Béal na Gaoithe
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The weather creates so many sources for making sound and music. On a typical West of Ireland winter’s day, we hear the wind turn telephone wires into string instruments and make flutes out of gate-posts, while rain makes a drum of the roof. Inspired by this natural symphony, Hope it Rains artistic director Ríonach Ní Néill and sound artist/musical instrument designer Ed Devane collaborated on a suite of hand-held musical instruments that are played by the weather. to produce a series of instruments and sound makers that could be used by performers using the dynamic force of the wind.

Each instrument is played by two musicians – human and meteorological. The weather – wind and rain – is the lead musician, plucking and bowing strings, striking chimes, beating drums, while the human musician responds to and channels the weather’s dynamic force. Standing into the wind (i mbéal na gaoithe), we become the wind’s mouth and let it sing through us.


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Ed Devane & Ríonach Ní Néill

Instrument maker

Ed Devane

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