Umbrella Orphanage Covid-19 Hacks | Athchóiriú scáthanna báistí in éadan Covid-19
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Buttoned Ear Protector for Face Masks

How to make buttoned ear protectors to hold back the elastic on a facemask to protect the back of the ears (PDF).

Washable Umbrella Shopping Bag

How to use an umbrella canopy to make a shopping bag you can easily decontaminate by throwing in the wash (PDF).

Umbrella Turban

How to make your own unique head wrap from an umbrella (PDF).

How to Deconstruct an Umbrella

How to separate your broken umbrella into its constituent parts with the least amount of damage (PDF).

Umbrella Headscarf

How to make a unique umbrella headscarf (PDF).

Face Mask with Umbrella Vapour Barrier

How to make a face mask with a vapour barrier using umbrella fabric, to give an extra layer of protection (PDF).

Umbrella Mantilla Face Shield

An easy face-shield inspired by our need to protect, using what is to hand (PDF).